Exciting new projects

One of the frustrations of working in the arts is the number of times I work on a promising project and for usually budgetary reasons it …just…evaporates. That’s the life though……

Recent research is tantalizingly full of potential to expand into very interesting larger projects but time will tell. The Fantastic Plastic project is developing its second stage into large signage for Blackburn station. One of the challenges was acquiring enough HDPE plastic to make the piece . Surprisingly a couple of hundred small milk bottles from school wasn’t enough, so I’ve made links with a local cafe and they are supplying 40 to50 empty bottles a week which has made up the shortfall. The sheets I’m making with only a heat press at present are 300mm by 150mm by 2mm

I’ll be able to describe more once the sessions at school have happened.

Extra to this I am learning 3d rendering using a software package called Blender. Doing this is a strange combination between drawing painting sculpture and computer programming. I advise anyone who knows drawing and computers to look at this. In the meantime (please don’t laugh) here’s my first effort it’s a doughnut ….I’m very proud!